How to make Dubstep music – the perfect song format

The sweet sound of Dubstep music is no longer the restrictive product of underground music producers. In fact this music gender has become a world wide trend that’s being well received by radios, music stations, clubs and music festivals. If you’re a producer and you’re struggling with your Dubstep beats we’re going to show you how to make Dubstep music and some key insights about crafting new Electronic music.

1. The drums

Start by laying down a new sheet in your DAW and change your tempo to 140. Standard Dubstep songs are not slow jams so don’t freak out on the BPM because it often goes up to 160! Assuming that you already have several drum kits to work with, pick one Kick with a Snare element. Look for something that has an Electronic input so your song will sound authentic. Additional effects can be added in this part and you should definitely consider working with Echo or Reverb on your Snare but don’t overreact because you’ll lose any sight of musical balance.

Lay down a simple 2 step beat and try looping it because this will help you add additional sounds if you put the composition on Replay. Finish off this part with Percussion elements and look for a bouncing rhythm. Your Hi Hats will tie everything together so showing you how to make Dubstep songs is considerably easier if you stick to the basics steps first and then expand everything to your own style of creating music.

2. The Intro

This is the part most of the underground producers don’t follow. Learning how to make Dubstep music is rather easy but at some point it’s natural to desire some exposure for your compositions. To have your songs played or included in certain music hubs you need to stick to a specific music format and the easiest way to get accepted and promoted is to stick to the radio friendly music format.

That means you should build your songs with an Intro, a Bridge, the Chorus, Verse 1, Bridge (2), Chorus, Verse 2, Bridge and fade away with the last Chorus. Your song should be between 3:20 and 3:45 minutes. No one is willing to air a song that’s longer or shorter because it’s not playlist and audience friendly.

Your song’s Intro is primordial here because the DJ will get to introduce you while this part plays in the background. They actually make this sacred when airing your music so build up 16 bars first, add a Pad if you’re lacking inspiration on sounds, copy the 16 bars and add a Synth for the Pad. The song Intro should be around 32 bars, just enough time for the DJ to prepare the audience for you and your music.

3. The Bridge and the Rise up

This is the part where your music takes the lead. The best option here would be to add a Bridge with a vocal part in it. If you’re unable to collaborate with a singer, try chopping up some Acapellas and simply make a Remix. Take the drums out and focus on the Rise up for the last part. You need Drum rolls, build ups and some EQ mixing. This will take your audience to the next level, the Drop. The perfect build should also be around 32 bars but this part is very flexible so customize it if you want to learn how to make Dubstep songs that bring something new in the music scene.

4. The Drop – The Bass line

This part will make or break your song. You need to find a good Synth and mix it so your Bass line will have that stabbing Effect. Find a VST that has the Envelope function incorporated and 2 Oscillators. Pick a sound, choose a descended Envelope function, mix Oscillator one on a high function and Oscillator 2 on a low one. Also, add Echo and play with the Reverb to customize the sound.

The possibilities here are endless so feel free to do an experiment until you found your perfect Bass line. After that continue with a second Bridge (optional) and the Chorus.



Read This Before You Get DUBturbo Instant Download

DUBturbo is one of the many popular brands of music making software today. You may have heard about it from friends, or seen it many times online, and now you are somewhat ready to get DUBturbo instant download. But before you do that, it helps to know more about this brand so that your decision will be firm, as well as to ensure that you won’t regret later on with regards to your decision to download DUBturbo.

If you are going to download DUBturbo then it’s because you want to make music and beats, right? It’s pretty obvious. Therefore, make sure that this brand is up to the tasks and it your expectations, and that is to help you make beats and produce your own songs with ease, devoid of complexity, and without flaw.

So how are you going to assess this product to ensure that this is the perfect brand for your song composing venture? A best way to do this is to check the basic and fundamental features in order to have a good glimpse of what you shall be getting from this software.

Ease of Use

What holds back many people from making music despite the available technology today is difficulty in usage of the beat maker. To produce high quality beats, the beat maker must be fully equipped with loads of powerful features. This may seem good to look at, but when you start making beats the numerous features will sometimes scare off many people from using it due to complexity. It can be relatively confusing where and how to start making beats.

But if the dashboard has a user-friendly interface and devoid of complexity, things will go out smoothly that even beginners can quickly make beats in an instant. In the case of DUBturbo, the dashboard was expertly designed to make it easy for the users to start composing songs.

Moreover, this is further reinforced by video tutorials and demos for easier and quick grasp of the learning process. The available videos will tell you how and what features to use to make your first track. This is better than reading a text manual with numerous pages that makes learning a bit boring and burdensome.

Sufficient Features

You want to make sure that your music maker is fully equipped with enough features not only to make beats and sounds but also to record and produce your tracks. Not all brands have the recording capacity, but with DUBturbo you can be assured that every beat that you make can be stored in the memory for later use, or for mixing with other tracks to create a beautiful and unique masterpiece. To make things much easier, it is further bundled with samplers so that all you have to do is mix and match to quickly produce a unique track.

DUBturbo has already been around for a couple of years and there already tens to hundreds of thousands of downloads. Many musicians and composers are now using DUBturbo to reinforce and to assist them in producing great hits. So there is no question about it, you can go ahead and get DUBturbo instant download so that you can begin making your own beats today.

making music like a pro with dubturbo

Beat Making Software

As someone who’s constantly fascinated by how people make electronic music, I’ve done a lot of research into beat making software.  Now, when it comes down to it, there are two simple things that beat making software should do; it should help you create samples and then make it easy to sequence them into a song. And creating your own music from the comfort of your computer is no longer just for nerds in their basement with two much time and too many records on their hands- in fact, big names like Skrillex use their laptops on-stage (Deadmau5 even has his own, speciality PC created for the purpose of DJing). And why has this change come about? Because technology for stay-at-home DJs has improved so much. You’d be a fool to use anything else. So, what’s the best way to navigate the murky world of high-quality beat making software?

help getting started with software

Figure 1

Getting Started With Beat Making Software

While it might seem quite intimidating at first, getting started with beat making software is pretty straightforward if you pick the right brand. Do your research first; work out which systems or software would work best for you and your needs. It’s easy to get scammed or ripped off, so double-check if your software of choice does everything you need it to- this often means spending a buck or two but if you’re serious about moving into DJ-ing in the future, you want something that’s going to last you past the beginner’s stage and well into your career as a real musician.


What you should look for in beat making software?

Basically, as mentioned above, beat making software should do two things; sampling and sequencing. While it can be extremely enticing to go for something that looks like it’s going to be able to get you up in the mornings, make you breakfast and serve you coffee, make sure that it can do those two key things before you even consider buying or downloading it. You also want software that’s going to be relatively easy to use; stuff that isn’t going to bog you down with hours of tutorials you don’t need, but software that’s also reasonably straightforward to navigate and won’t leave you feeling baffled by all it’s knobs and whistles.

It’s also worth looking out for all the other things you’d expect out of any software you plan to use on a regular basis- is it reliable? Is it going to constantly crash and leave you with nothing to show for the last few days work? Is it created specifically for what you want to use it for, or is it a more all-purpose package? You can find every possible type of software imaginable online, and ones that specifically cater to your musical interest- more of a dubstep person? You can track down software that will put you on your way to becoming the next big dropper of beats. And, for the love of God, make sure you get software that’s suitable to your skill level-nothing worse than winding up with screen upon screen of indecipherable agony.



When it comes to recommendations, it’s very difficult to give a definitive answer. There’s lots of good stuff to suit every taste out there from Native Instruments Traktor DJ which you can use on your iPad, to DubTurbo, a great computer software for beginners that’s really easy to use and creates professional-sounding results. Basically, what you use is down to what you want to do with music-just make sure you do your research first, and get ready to sample and sequence to your heart’s content.