Dub Turbo: What You Need to Know

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Dubstep is a trendy, innovative electro-dance sound that has minimalistic words. As is the wonders of music, dubstep brings out the creativity of its listeners. That is why it is no surprise at all that many dubstep followers want to create their own version of this catchy, upbeat music.

If you are wondering how to make beats, you need not look farther!

This in-depth dubturbo review will shed light to your search for making the best quality dubstep music.

Crafting your own beats may not seem as easy as it sounds. Professionals use state-of-the-art technology to produce the best music. This task may seem daunting to beginners especially when there are vast choices available.

Most digital production software is not only pricey but also complicated to utilize. You do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a beat making software that will just leave you frustrated and at a loss on where to begin.

Dub Turbo solves these two main complications in producing your own beats. It is easy to be more creative and showcase your originality when you can naturally operate the tools you are using. This beat making software that you can easily download online anytime anywhere sounds professionally made, thanks to its 44.1K wave file. Unlike music made through mp3 format, Dub Turbo gives depth, sharpness, and clarity to your music. Say goodbye to garbled sounds and expect to produce the kind of music that gives spot-on sound to each instrument.

For novices, Dub Turbo is the number one beat maker to help you launch Rap, Dance music, or R&B. The user-friendly interface is as convenient as it is powerful.

Here are the features you can expect in a Dub Turbo Software:

Four-Octave Keyboard

Fast and simple to operate, this highly useful feature allows users to control two out of four octaves with your very own keyboard. This means that Musical Instrument Digital Interface, better known as MIDI, a conventional but rather complicated controller, need not be used.

With thousands of choices available on your fingertips, the Four-Octave Keyboard of Dub Turbo enables you to produce the rhythm that resonates best with your beats. Keyboards, bass, guitars, and vocal samples are just a few of the testers available to gratify every musician’s creativity.

Drum Machine Panel

Compare, mix, and match the sound of your drums with the Drum Machine Panel of Dub Turbo. Several online beat makers allow you to produce music without the flexibility of editing the sounds afterwards. Even after you are done, you can improve your beats and add that unforgettable flourish by changing the drum kit used.

With hundreds of drum samples to select from, producing your beats which showcases your taste and music signature best is now easier to do.

Sixteen-Track Dub Turbo Sequencer

The focal bit of the Dub Turbo software, this sixteen-track sequencer gives users the ability to lay down their beats with a simple point-click interface. You can program your chord sequences, play with the bass riffs and tinker with floating arpeggios all you want. This sixteen-track feature also includes lead synthesizers, pad sounds and drum classifications which can be controlled so you can produce the beats you are looking for.

To help users customize their DubTurbo download, the Sixteen-Track Sequencer feature can also be opened through keyboard shortcuts. This handy feature makes long-time usage not only possible but also simpler.

Dub Turbo may have been designed with the novice beat maker in mind but savvy musicians will also appreciate its efficiency. The software can work with the interface and beat-making tools in music studios. Integrating this software easily gives professionals the advantage of a wider array of techno, R&B, hip hop and many more music genre.

Whether you are starting from scratch or remixing a sound, Dub Turbo allows novices and professionals alike to produce studio-quality beats. Regardless of one’s recording skills or experience, Dub Turbo makes digital sound available because of its very reasonable price.

Many critics have been openly doubtful with Dub Turbo at the start. Because it is less costly compared to other tools, many beat makers think its low price also equalled to low quality. However, Dub Turbo proves with every download and use that a high tag price and recording experience need not be prerequisites when you want to make music with computer.

Dub Turbo even includes free video tutorials that take the user step by step on how to make dubstep music. The instructive videos introduce first-time beat makers into recording their craft and helps professionals integrate their knowledge and experience to create the music of their choice.

Making your own beats has never been easier. With Dub Turbo, you can lay down your music style within the comforts of your own home! With the accessibility, affordability and user-friendly features Dub Turbo offers, it’s no wonder why Dubstep music continues to flourish.

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MT Eden - Sierra Leone

MT Eden – Sierra Leone

If you don’t remember MT Eden and the “Sierra Leone” song you should know that this was a big thing around 3 years ago. Actually if you searched “Dubstep” on YouTube in 2011, this release surfaced on the first page of your results. Even if it’s not an epic song it’s where it belongs. I’m not saying thus because I have a secret passion for MT Eden but the song seems perfect for someone who just started listening to Dubstep. Apparently a lot of people did just that in 2011. Surprised? Well you need to know that some smashing shows took place the same year so this shouldn’t be any news to you.

Back to our review. Like I mentioned earlier “Sierra Leone” is still the perfect entry-level song for people who just started getting used to Dubstep. In my opinion this is the right format helping expand your vision on Electronic music. Of course, the environment where listen to your first song from a specific gender counts as well but this song also seems to cross some boundaries.

That’s actually a bit surprising because what we’re facing here is a set of samples from another song used after some proper EQ. I got to admit that MT Eden did some fine work with the mixing but at the end of the day I’m a bit surprised how many people responded with a positive feedback for “Sierra Leone”. I’m saying that because at some point things get noticeable and the song just repeats itself. I don’t know if MT Eden intended for this “mantra” feeling to be implemented but things get pretty obvious after some Bars pass our spinning meter.

The beginning of the song has a good texture and the mixing clearly compensates for every other small detail that was skipped. “Sierra Leone” jumps right into its transition and after the drums are played, the Bass drop makes itself noticed. There’s another interesting fact here: the first time you hear the drop you get pretty excited but I guarantee things will change the second time you hit play. I’m saying that the song starts to lose its value because of the repetition.

It’s like MT Eden took the easy route instead of developing a solid structure. You can clearly see that when the Bass line drops because it’s just a simple sound with a note placed under the main Pitch. Besides that the main melody just loops until the end. Again, I have no idea how the song had a massive impact but feel free to share your thoughts on everything. I can only guess MT Eden received some good spins before releasing the song.


Acid Paradox Feat. Nori – Cthulhu

Acid Paradox Feat. Nori – Cthulhu

After reviewing a song from every sub-gender we could possibly find I think it’s about time we pass on Vocal Dubstep. To represent this beautiful side in Electronic music we chose Acid Paradox featuring Nori and their “Cthulhu” song. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce that and by any means necessary don’t skip the song just because it’s got a weird name. You’ll definitely miss a beautiful release so let’s see how much it gains in our review below.

The song Intro is pretty much standard. A Pad opens up the way for a standard 2-step beat made with Claps and Kicks and suddenly the atmosphere becomes a lot more serious. A String development takes place and some SFX effects are set for this solid build-up. What I definitely like about this part is that Acid Paradox had the courage to place the Strings on high keys. Most producer start off pretty low so there’s enough time for the song to rise but apparently Paradox means business right from the start. The “Power up the drum cannon” phrase announces a superb voice that’s about to surface in your speakers. We can only guess that the name Nori is attributed with that but my question here is: where do all this Vocal Dubstep guys find these singers?! They all sound so pure and I almost can’t believe how I’m tricked into feeling mellow every time I play this type of songs. There’s must be a sea of Vocal Dubstep singers somewhere. I demand further indication.

A “phat” synth is applied to the main melody and you can probably sense by now that this song aims for some different parameters. The sound is very “dry” and this is actually something pretty interesting for a Dubstep song. Usually the gender comes with a lot of energy, effects and a sonic wish to provide endless waves but this time “the march” is pretty steady. “Cthulhu” (I’m sorry) sticks to the center and forces its way to the end.

The Strings are back around the first Bridge and the voice switches the intensity as well. Second Bridge comes with everything left aside except for the vocals and a Chorus atmosphere. You can probably guess what’s about to happen but I’m sure you also want to know if the song will deliver when it comes to the drop. I’m going to let you find that out but I’m also going to give Acid Paradox a big thumbs up.

Cyberoptix - Geisha

Cyberoptix – Geisha

No need to start asking yourself anything because today I’m accepting outside influences so the “Geisha” track from Cyberoptix is up for a new review. Melodic Dubstep at its finest as a close friend recommended the cut. Let’s see if things add up the same for me and also, feel free to share some thoughts of your own.

I know that this track can be placed under the well debated “brostep” label and there’s only a small contrast between the wobble bass and the rest of its smooth melodic sounds but I’m hoping “Geisha” will dodge the bullet and place higher on everyone’s scale. I didn’t really feel it the first time I auditioned but I can say that I’m enjoying the song after a few spins.

“Geisha” doesn’t waste any time developing your basic 2-Step rhythm and a hard Kick builds up the main melody with a steady Snare. There’s also a light Bass sound attached to the Kick so the Intro is maintained pretty interesting. The first extravagant element found in this song is the Asian-style flute and I would say it’s a good sound sticking to the Arpeggio synthesizer completing the main lead. I would also like to mention that Cyberoptix maintained a good theme up until now so let’s see what happens next.

The well awaited wobble Bass makes an appearance and the rhythm doesn’t stop for the rest of the song. I don’t really get this type of song development but it works out just like a hypnosis effect even if after a while it becomes random background music. Halfway in the song there’s a drum break making its way and that break is actually identical to the song’s Intro but after that a new Kick is placed for something similar to a new Bass drop.

If you pay attention you can see that the Bass drop is divided into 8 Bars and the sound is nothing really new but some soft changes are added so if you’re really patient with your rhythms, the record won’t get boring. To keep things short “Geisha” would kill if it was exposed to a heavy Dubstep crowd with a 3 minute cut but leaving the song as it is, it might be just too much. I like the song and I’m definitely feeling it but I wouldn’t go for more than one spin per week. Waiting on your feedback about the release.